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Floyd and Ann Holdman

nly 8 months we went from Financial Cancer to Financial Freedom쯢>

In June of 1996 we were introduced to TAHITIAN NONI⩯active Beverage and our lives have not been the same since. At that time we had a very serious case of 鮡ncial Cancerᮤ it was terminal! We had given up all hope of every having financial freedom.

What has happened to us in the last few years since we joined Tahitian Noni International is unbelievable. After only 8 months in the business we were able to go from 鮡ncial Cancer䯠鮡ncial Freedomץ were able to pay off all our debts and the mortgage on our home. Today we are able to run a multi-million dollar business from the comfort of our own home.

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2,000 years of history combined
with 14 years of success is a winning combination.

Over 200 millionaires
and Counting!

TNI has created more millionaires faster than any other network marketing company in history楲 200 millionaires and counting. Now the opportunity is even bigger and better as the second wave hits.

Tahitian Noni International
offers a real business opportunity.

Tahitian Noni is an industry leader in distributor compensation. TNI pays out 53% of all qualifying volume. In fact, TNI has paid out over 2.3 billion dollars in commissions to date and paid over $250 million in first class trips and incentives.

Tahitian Noni International
has a unique product with validated
science that delivers results

Tahitian Noni was the first company to bring the medicinal noni plant and its bioactive compounds to the world. Since day one, Tahitian Noni has been a science-based, research company. TNI has invested over $500 million in research and facilities and has led the industry with 14 human clinical studies validating our products efficacy. Noni is not on trial, it works!